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Here is the list of just some of the drugs our child is on or has been on for 2 years and she has been on Seroquel the whole time. Everyone that would be so seriously concerned about a child receiving all those drugs suddenly turn their heads to it all when CPS is involved. Care for them the children when parents have custody but forget the kids when CPS is involved as if suddenly all the dangerous of the drugs disappear when CPS is involved.

Guess those drugs suddenly have all those side effects disappear!

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I am NOT saying anyone with your web site is like that!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just venting the frustration others have given me that could have helped us but haven't. Our child came to us with serious sexual and self abusive behaviors that we were not told about. We adopted her.

CPS did not have the child in therapy and they did not tell us to do so. The negative behaviors that had not permanently stopped we were using pastoral counseling and she was improving whereas our child's behaviors became worse again with psychiatry as she regressed back to behaviors she had before and when she came to us! That is fully documented! We were told it was the law to take kids with behavior problems to get psychiatric help as they kidnapped our child and would not return her because we refused to participate in psychiatric treatment plans! The Juvenile Judge also totally ignored our evidence that our child had been abused while in CPS custody and if that was not bad enough, that is not all the Juvenile Judge ignored in our case as they totally ignored our two expert doctors in our case!

One, our child's pediatrician for most of her life as he testified we did "not harm our child! He testified to the "improvements in our child" while she was with us as well as he testified about the psychiatric abuses to our child with the psychotic drugs.


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He testified about the weight gain. Our child went from pounds when taken at age 11 to approx pounds within a year's time! Our child's pediatrician told the court "there is just no reason to not give this child back to her parents! Our other expert, Dr.

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Baughman, you have heard of. He also testified and wrote about the psychiatric abuses to our child. Both doctors had reviewed evidence before they testified and wrote their statements with most of the evidence coming from CPS and the mental profession themselves! Baughman wrote that in his opinion is was "the state and not us that had abused our child! They "bumped up" our child to keep her longer after her symptoms ran out! All of that, all of our evidence the Juvenile Judge just turned his head to as he rubber stamped everything CPS and psychiatry wanted him to!

The very ones that had lied to the court! The only time we were allowed to see our child in a year's time, when she saw us she did not walk, she ran up to us, grabbed me and held me and hugged me for a very long time with tears in her eyes! After she hugged her daddy, she grabbed my hand and took me through the group home and introduced me to every staff member there telling them, "this is my mom! Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "drugged" Copy.

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This year alone, more than rhinos have been poached in South Africa,. Drugged d r iv ing is obviously a very serious problem and as of right now, law enforcement is all but powerless to stop it.

and they may or may not be drugged into submission

A rape drug is a drug which, taken in a high dose, causes a loss of. To my Spanish friends I would say the following: a noble fight would be an. Several women interviewed by the delegation said they had been arrested by "red berets" soldiers at the demonstration and. In fact, people are always thinking, from birth to death and. The legislation introduced today will give police and prosecutors the tools they need to rid our streets. This review summarizes findings from Australian studies on the prevalence of drugs and the relative risks associated wi t h drugged d r iv ing justicecanada.

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This report summarizes the general finding s o f drugged d r iv ing, with respect to a variety of drugs, and discusses some of the problems associated with epidemiological and experimental studies in this area justicecanada. CCHR photographed and then exposed secret psychiatric "slave labor" camps in South Africa where tens of thousands of Africans were incarcerated in the s and.

I would strongly oppose any proposal that trees should be cut down in order to. Childr en - drugged , c oe rced, and forced to carry [ T h e drugged p e rs on becomes [ They are kidnap pe d , drugged a n d abused, and [ In the United Sta te s , drugged d r iv ing has become [ Toggle navigation Sizzler Editions. Cutter T. Davison Mykola Dementiuk J. Dooley David O.

Dyer, Sr. King Elizabeth J. Amy Marsh Mary Marvella M. Millswan N. Raiment C.

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