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Apart from working as a concert performer and a recording artist, John is a fulltime Flamenco guitar tutor at La Guitarra Buena, Amsterdam. Get personalized, 1-on-1 instruction from via TrueFire's patented private lessons platform and iOS app! Green Room. Cart Join Free Log In. You have no notifications. Learn to Play Guitar Topics. Browse Series. Terri and Torrey start to build projects to win the auditions, but every time one is finished, it gets sabotaged.

Naturally, the main suspects are two members of a rival novel's fanclub — TQ, a mysterious and riddle-talking guy with an affinity for multicultural cuisine, and Trace, a girl who never seems to be happy with the color of her hair. But evidence points to neither Fillmore and Ingrid have to investigate the mysterious vanishing of a student named Alexis, only to find that all reports of her have vanished from the school, and she's even been taken out of pictures.

At the same time someone is working on a computer virus called Electric Haircut which could cause some major reputation damage to the popular students. Meanwhile, Vallejo deals with his hot cocoa intake, a spoof of police officers' caffeine addiction.

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The Ultrabox, the hottest new game system on the market, makes its debut at X, and everyone wants one — including "The Maestro," a gaming mastermind who will stop at nothing to get it. Fillmore and Ingrid track him down, but the Ultrabox is stolen while he's in custody. It looks like a copycat is on the loose, but there's more to this case than meets the eye Facing expulsion under Principal Folsom's new 'Three Strikes, You're Expelled' rule, Fillmore must protect the only person that can clear his name to a crime he has been framed for: the destruction of a giant Folsom statue made out of 12, pieces of macaroni.

Someone can no longer stand people being made to feel helpless and scared and is targeting each victim's bully respectively.


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Despite not wanting to help bullies, Fillmore sets up a bodyguard system for some of the bullies and starts to work on who would want to have scared the bullies so much. The main suspects are obviously the four victims, but the victim of each bully has an alibi for crime. Guildenstern, the Science Department's tarantula mascot, has been poisoned, and the prime suspect, Eric Orben, has escaped into the city.

Fillmore is given authority to go out into town and catch Eric, but he has to contend with a relentless opponent from his bad-boy past and a case that isn't as obvious as it seems In February , Disney Channel added the series to their lineup, beginning with a two-hour marathon in primetime.

Reruns continued until September 2, , when the series along with The Legend of Tarzan and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was pre-empted in favor of a minute showing of Recess. On September 1, , reruns began airing on Toon Disney , [5] [6] and the final five episodes aired on the channel in January It was briefly shown again on April 19, While the series has not been released on home video or DVD, all 26 episodes are available for digital download in German from iTunes Germany. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Created by Scott M.

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Christian Roman. Scott M. Parodied crimes: Theft. Parodied crimes: Theft , frameup , counterfeiting , extortion. Parodied crimes: Attempted assassination of a political leader and kidnapping. As well as the use of psychics in law enforcement. Parodied crimes: The Mafia and the dangers of Undercover Operations. Parodied crimes: Sabotage. Balls to the left, balls to the right.

Fillmore almost takes a big blue ball right in his face when he falls down. Fillmore manages to reach the controls for the sprinkler system, causing the perp to swerve into the row of storage sheds near the gate. They get the drop on Fillmore when the perp unleashes a jumble of croquet wickets and goal posts on top of him and almost gets away. Luckily, Fillmore grabs a wicket and hits a ball straight towards the perp, making them trip and fall.

This time in a bone white wig. Trace is being held in Safety Patrol HQ for questioning.

Fillmore pulls out a piece of red paper they found on Trace and asks what it is. Trace almost loses it as she says she found that page in a book T.

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  5. She thinks T. Outside the interrogation room, Ingrid and Fillmore discuss whether or not Trace is lying. Ingrid points out T. Fillmore instead wants to ask T. Fillmore and Ingrid question T. The kind that are sent to reviewers before the books get officially released. Apparently the pages are made red to make it harder for anyone to make duplicates or sell online.

    God, this publisher is a failure.

    Full text of "The New Fillmore"

    Fillmore asks if T. Reading that page sucked the very life out of me.

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    Instead, T. Was it…. Going over the evidence so far, Fillmore picks up the red page and notices a dark smudge on it.

    Her agent reminds her these promo events were listed in her contract, and advises her to smile. She does.


    For one second. Which is exactly when Fillmore and Ingrid show up, demanding Terri come with them to answer some questions. Terri throws the switch on the machine, trying to escape in a cover of mist only to back herself into a corner. Unfortunately, the book was bad. So bad it drove Terri to actual tears which is how the page got smudged. Terri melted down the Vampirita statue and turned it into Citizen Fang. She was able to cut the ropes on the balloon since she was right next to it.

    Right after she melted the statue, Terri shredded the advanced copy. Only she missed a page, which landed in front of T. Annoyed, T. He just pointed Fillmore in the right direction. Aside from multiple spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors, Vampirita betrays her allies and the entire resistance to her sworn genetic enemy by giving him their secrets and access to her power. Why, you ask? A book which she wrote and finished while on a plane to Milan. Torrey refuses to let her friend be insulted like this and cuts the author down for how little she cares about her books, her characters, and her fans.

    Or because T. Try keeping it next time. Several kids in the store applaud Torrey while the author silently glares at her before leaving. Torrey proposes the Vampirita fans could help out so everyone can attend. Giving Fillmore a taunting look, the mime darts through the bookstore and Fillmore quickly follows after.

    I think this episode honestly does a good job at showing some of the positive and negative aspects of being in a fandom. They can get petty and nasty when arguing with a different fandom. And sometimes you can overreact about someone liking a different fandom, like Trace did when she assumed T.

    Fandoms can also be a place where you make real friends you can rely on. It depends on how you decide to act as a fan.