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No longer alive: asleep , dead , deceased , defunct , departed , extinct , late , lifeless. Idioms: at rest , pushing up daisies. Affected with intense romantic attraction: enamored , infatuate , infatuated , smitten. Carrying a developing fetus within the uterus: big , enceinte , expectant , expecting , gravid , parturient , pregnant.

Idioms: in a family way , with child. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? All the little duties were faithfully done each day, and many of her sisters' also, for they were forgetful, and the house seemed like a clock whose pendulum was gone a-visiting. View in context. He dared not hope that Griffiths had gone away already, without Mildred, to his home in Cumberland. These apples were always counted, and about the time when they began to grow ripe it was found that every night one of them was gone.

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The king became very angry at this, and ordered the gardener to keep watch all night under the tree. His son Antiphus had gone with Ulysses to Ilius, land of noble steeds, but the savage Cyclops had killed him when they were all shut up in the cave, and had cooked his last dinner for him.

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Poyser, by way of conclusion, "you might tell her she's got but one aunt left, and SHE'S wasted pretty nigh to a shadder; and we shall p'rhaps all be gone twenty mile farther off her next Michaelmas, and shall die o' broken hearts among strange folks, and leave the children fatherless and motherless. Soon after he had left, some lady, so they told him, had come to see her, and she had gone out with her. All my troubles was gone. I went to looking out sharp for a light, and sort of sing- ing to myself. Anne had gone over to Orchard Slope with Diana and came back to find Marilla in the kitchen, sitting by the table with her head leaning on her hand.

The film earned negative reviews from critics and was a box office disappointment. Much earlier, Jill was kidnapped by a brutal serial killer who put her in a deep vertical hole somewhere in Portland's 5,acre Forest Park. Jill found human remains, used one of the bones to stab her abductor, and escaped from the hole, using his rope ladder. When the Portland police are unable to find the hole, and discover that Jill had been committed to a psychiatric institution after her parents' death, they believe the abduction only happened in Jill's head, and sent Jill back to a psychiatric facility. A year later, Jill now works as a waitress in a local diner on the graveyard shift.

She and her friend Sharon Ames Jennifer Carpenter are generously tipped by a regular customer.

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Returning home from the shift, Jill is shocked to discover Molly is missing, as she was to take an exam the next day and wanted Jill to wake her early. Molly's boyfriend, Billy Sebastian Stan , tells her that he hasn't heard from Molly, and later that she didn't show up for the exam. Jill is then convinced the serial killer who took her has now taken Molly.

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  7. Police Lt. The department's newest homicide detective, Peter Hood Wes Bentley , tells her that he believes her, giving Jill his card in case she needs any help about the case. Jill interrogates her neighbors and learns that a van with a locksmith company's name on it parked in front of her house in the middle of the night. When Nick denies any knowledge, Jill breaks into the van, where she finds a receipt from a hardware store for things that the killer would use. Jill holds Nick at gunpoint and forces him to reveal that he allowed a stranger named "Digger" to rent the van during the night.

    Nick reports Jill's gun-waving behavior to the police, who then want to arrest Jill, as her time in the psychiatric facility means she can not legally possess a weapon.

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    Jill goes to the hardware store, and learns that Digger's real name is Jim LaPointe Socratis Otto and that he's staying at a rundown hotel. After narrowly eluding the police, Jill heads to the hotel, and breaks into LaPointe's room, where she finds duct tape, pet food like that which she was given by her kidnapper, and matches from the diner where she works. Jill visits Sharon, and learns that LaPointe is the generous tipper from the diner.

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    5. Sharon gives her LaPointe's phone number and against Sharon's judgment, Jill leaves with the phone number. Jill is spotted by the police who pursue her through Portland, but she escapes back to Sharon's house.

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      Jill borrows Sharon's car to avoid the police and save Molly. Jill then calls LaPointe, who gives her directions to a location in Forest Park.

      Jill locates a small campsite and finds pictures of LaPointe's prior victims, and at the same time, Molly breaks the duct tape off of her hands, and escapes, only to discover she has been concealed under her house all along. Powers and Lonsdale are shocked when they hear Molly's story, finally believing what they have heard from Jill. They also learn Jill is to meet the kidnapper, but they don't know where that is to happen. Jill finds the hole where LaPointe held her captive. LaPointe emerges from an alcove from within the hole and grabs Jill, pulling her into the hole. He intends to kill her with the same piece of bone that Jill stabbed him with in her initial escape.

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      Jill kicks LaPointe to keep him away, then grabs her revolver and shoots him.