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Spirit, Soul, and Body expanded – Heavenly Symbol

I love this diagram and will use this information to help me understand the inner workings of the spirit. It was in also Paradise that the repentant thief on the cross was able to be with the Lord on the day of His death Luke This was a comfort to him and it should also be to us. Emmanuel, the Scriptures do not support the teaching of dying and immediately going to heaven or hell the lake of fire.

Frankly, the teaching of immediately dying and going to heaven is not Scriptural. After the 1, years, the unbelievers will be brought before the great white throne of judgment and the books will be opened and if their name is not in the book of life, they will be cast into the lake of fire, to suffer the second death Rev.

Emmanuel, thank you for you comment. The Holding to Truth blog focuses uniquely on these things that can cause the believers to grow up into Christ in all things so that out from Him, the Body of Christ may grow and be built up. So I feel its best to limit doctrinal discussions that do not directly lead my readers to focus on the experience and enjoyment of Christ that issues in growing up into the Body of Christ, His fullness.

Please realize and respect this purpose in commenting at Holding to Truth. Emmanuel, questions are fine. Proper knowledge is good for leading us to Christ so that we may gain Him. It is only by growing up into Christ, that we can receive the supply from Him that issues in the building up of His Body, the church. I may occasionally address questions related to minor points of doctrine, but this is only with view to come back to the central line of Christ and the church Eph.

I believe that the readers of this blog that appreciate this point will receive more benefit from the posts. Isaac, the soul and spirit are both precious to God. Our spirit is our deepest part, the organ for contacting and receiving the Lord. Our soul is the organ for expressing and magnifying the Lord. May our spirit first contact God and exult in Him.

Then may our soul magnify the Lord. This make both our soul and spirit very valuable to God. Thank you sir for this post, please if one has the opportunity to make heaven or hell, is it the spirit that will suffer or the soul? The first note says,. When our body dies, the destiny of our inner being depends on whether our spirit has been regenerated.

When we believe into Him, we have eternal life John and God regenerates our spirit with His Spirit. If you have not yet done so, simply pray,.

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Thank you for dying for my sins and rising from the dead so that You can live in me. Forgive me of all my sins and come into my spirit. If you prayed such a prayer, you are regenerated in your spirit and will not perish. The spirit and soul together make up your inner man, the spirit being hidden within the soul.

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But suffering is particularly a function of our soul. When in the future we are resurrected, how the 3 parts of our being are going to be transformed if all 3 remain as part of us. I know about our transformed bodies and that our spirit will join our transformed bodies. But what about the soul. Thanks for the clarity and useful definition of soul vs spirit, Tom.

It is helping me in my quest to learn how to better hear from God and obey Him.

It is after all the Spirit that gives life, the flesh is no help at all. My main point in asking this question is to enable me to answer better people who use science as an excuse to deny God. I can also sympathize with your difficulty in presenting the truth of the Bible to those who take science as a basis to deny God and discredit the Bible. You can find it online at ministrybooks.

Then God came in to do a work of restoration and further creation. This work of restoration was done in the six days mentioned in Genesis b As a side note, I remember the statement of a believer, who also was a scientist. He has chosen to hide His wisdom from those who are wise and intelligent in this world Matt. Rather, we should pray for them that God would grant them the same mercy that He has granted us and grant them to be poor in spirit Matt so that they would emptied and unloaded to receive Him through His word.

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From your post I now understand more the distinction between the spirit and soul. For more on the distinct functions of the soul please see my post on this topic. May the Lord bring you further into the experience of Christ living in you through knowing these inward parts. I found your explanation on the soul and spirit very informative. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry. Man of God may the Lord continuously keep your ministry iam Togolese , a French speaking country!

How could i get your teaching in French ,literatures for my peoples for not all of them can read English! I think that you can download a number of excellent eBooks in French.

What is the Function of Your Spirit?

It gives a very enlightening presentation of our three parts—spirit, soul, and body—and how they relate to our experience and enjoyment of Christ. Thank you for your comment. From the moment we believe in the Lord Jesus, we receive the eternal life John and our name is written in the book of life. We should enjoy this life and live it throughout our Christian journey. In this stage our name is in the book of life Luke Second, there is the inheriting of the eternal life as a reward to the overcoming believers in the millennial kingdom for a thousand years.

This is something that many Christians are unaware of. Whether in this stage, we will inherit life and enter into the blessed sphere of the eternal life as a reward depends on our faithful living and service in the Christian life today Matt. Paul was such an overcoming one running as an athlete to finish his course Phil and he charged us to do the same Heb.

The faithful runners of the race will be rewarded by the Lord at the judgment seat of Christ 2 Cor. Such ones will not have their name in the book of life for the reward of the kingdom. See Revelation But this is not the same as the perdition of the unbelievers. Finally, all the believer will enjoy the blessings of the eternal life in the new heaven and new earth for eternity Rev.

Am blessed and i think i needed this because if you dont know God you will not understand him. Am blessed so much there is an uplifting in my spirit. As a Worship Leader in a fairly conservative church, I have often begged God to deliver Himself to our people in such a way that they would worship him with their whole heart, but I have yet to pray that they invest their mind, body, and soul.

What a glorious display of worship that our entire vessel would be poured out for His glory!

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Conscience—the primary function of your spirit

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